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Survival Africa: based in Stellenbosch, South Africa

The "survival courses" offered by Survival Africa take place in the bush, mountain or on forgotten islands to test ones metal. Courses can be tailor-made and offer human capital development and life skills training through the medium of resilience training. Courses can either be 1, 3 day or 6 days in duration.
Tel.: 0027 82 7743958

Survival Africa Course Information

Argentina - South America

Northlatitude Adventures

At the Education and Training Argentine Center NORTHLATITUDE (E.T.A.C.N.) or (C.A.C.E.N.) -from its Spanish translation-, we offer the running of outdoor courses, in order you may be properly trained and qualified to develop diverse activities in the wilderness. Through our courses we provide instruction aimed for persons with different experiences and skills in the adventure and sporting life, ranging from beginners who would wish to attend a course for the first time, to those with some experience developed but need to attend other courses to get more proficiency and confidence to carry out outdoor activities.Our programs of study are designed to provide a teaching in accordance with each level of the courses. If you want to attend on of them, you must know that they are encompassed in an introductory indoor class, followed with a basic practical training in the outdoor of natural environments. Therefore, the participants will receive a classroom-terrain support through the classes, in order they may begin doing their first experiences by performing skills and abilities during the practice, wherever it is in urban areas or in the wilderness.

Our available courses have been designed to make you able of developing activities as hiking, trekking, mountaineering, orienteering, land navigation, wilderness survival, diving, skydiving, etc, in places like mountains, hills, deserts, jungle, forest, ice, rivers, among others.


Gabriel Esquivel 0054 011 (15) 5425-9141 (cell)  -  0054 (011) 4487-5141(home)

Alejandro Routurou 0054 011 (15) 6163-5379 (cell)


Australien School of Mountaineering

Bush Survival & Navigation Courses
The traditional Australian Bushcraft and Survival Skills are so important, so easily learned and yet so often neglected by modern outdoor adventurers! The knowledge and experience you need to travel, live comfortably and survive in the bush or mountains can be readily gained by participating in these Survival and Navigation Courses. Our expert Survival Instructors bring experience from a broad range of backgrounds including those of Adventure Racers, Military Survival Specialists and “Extreme” Expedition Leaders.

Contact: Australian School of Mountaineering Pty Ltd
             ABN: 75 003 865 843
             View Location
             166 Katoomba Street Katoomba NSW 2780 Australia
Tel.:      Work +61 2 4782 2014
Fax:      +61 2 4782 5787

Bob Cooper Outback Survival

The chief instructor is Mr Bob Cooper. Born and educated in Western Australia, Bob has delivered these Outback Safety and Survival courses since 1990 and is considered the leading desert survival instructor in Australia.

Bob conducts survival courses for government agencies and private companies throughout Australia. He has instructed with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Rangers on desert survival courses over a number of years in the USA, and is a frequent guest speaker on ABC talkback radio. He has also featured in several major television documentaries. These include National Geographic America, BBC, Discovery Channel, The World Around Us and 60 Minutes.

Contact: Bob Cooper Outback Survival Pty Ltd
              PO Box 3259
              WA 6964

              Western Australia
Tel.:    0061 8 9410 0453


High n Wild

Bush survival skills are essential for anyone who ventures out bush, be it alone or with friends.
This overnight camping course is for people who want to survive when exploring wilderness regions. It is not a course for people who enjoy deprivation - it will teach you how to avoid embarrassing, or even life-threatening, situations.The emphasis is on learning, rather than surviving, so you practice skills that you will need in an emergency. You will learn to - Navigate by the sun, moon and stars, make your own compass and sundial, prepare plant foods and medicines, preserve meat (fresh for weeks without a fridge!), light a fire without matches (many different ways!), find water and purify it by natural means, build survival shelters to keep you warm, dry and safe - test it without a sleeping bag!, make your own rope for emergency situations, construct a spear and arrows , survive a bushfire, execute the correct rescue signalling, stay calm - using knowledge about essential survival psychology.
You will also receive a booklet of essential bush survival knowledge and tips.

Contact: High n Wild

              5 Katoomba St

              New South Wales


Tel.:    (02) 4782 6224



Austria - Europa

Survival Skiils Intregration - based in Hollethon

Unser einzigartiges Level-Programm bietet einen schrittweisen Einstieg in die Materie "Überleben".  Wer einmal erfahren hat, worauf es in außergewöhnlichen Zeiten wirklich ankommt, sieht die Dinge wahrlich mit anderen Augen und kann in Ausnahmenzuständen viel schneller und überlegter reagieren.

  • wie bereite ich (Trink-) Wasser auf
  • wie mache ich Feuer
  • wie orientiere ich mich
  • wie baue ich eine behelfsmäßige Unterkunft
  • was kann ich in der Natur essen
  • und vieles mehr...

Martin Mollay
Hollenthon 33
2812 Hollethon
Mobil: 0043 650 25 26 266

Survival Skiils Intregration Courses

Natur Agentur - Lessnitz, Austria
Contact / Anschrift:      

               Natur Agentur
               Jürgen Gerzabek
               Genotteallee 8
               A-9500 Villach
Tel.:        0043 (0)720 31 68 53
Fax:        0043 (0)720 31 68 53

Belgium - Europa

Nomad & Rebel - Gent

Nomad & Rebel is een bedrijfsafdeling van T&T Management Team NV, voortbouwend op een ervaring van tientallen jaren op gebied van bush skills, hiking, bergsporten, Canadees kanovaren, raften, 4 x 4, overlevingstechnieken en mountain biking.
De filosofie van Nomad & Rebel draait rond de beleving van “The Great Outdoors” in de ruimste zin van het woord, met respect voor de natuur en voor de medemens.
Ons doel is een ruim aanbod naar voor te brengen, zowel met een individuele benadering alsook voor groepen.
Contact:  Nomad & Rebel
               T&T Management Team NV,
               Octaaf Van Dammestraat 73, 
               9030 Gent,
               Belgium .
Ondernemingsnummer RPR Gent 0437 516 025.
Tel.:         0032 495 999 363

Canada - North America

Canadian Bushcraft, Canada

Wilderness Living Skills, Primative Technology and Survival Training in the Canadian Wilderness

We teach from as many perspectives as there are out there and offer unique programs that make us stand out from the competition.

Canadian Bushcraft Work Shops and Courses

Croatia - Europa

Project Survival Croatia - Obuka za preživljavanje, traganje i spašavanje

Prezivjeti - Survival, Tracking and Rescue school based in Croatia

We offer courses in Croatian, English, German and Italian!

Our survival courses are based on our uniqe ASTRS system (applied survival, tracking and rescue system). We belive that students must be trained in all those segments for complete confidence in the remote wilderness or survival situation.
Survival - navigation, shelter building, fire techniques in all weather conditions, water and food gathering, toolmaking, survival kits, remote first aid, signalling and much more.

Tracking - tracking on different terrains, pathfinding, human tracking, animal tracking, situational awareness, scouting and more.
Rescue - search and rescue techniques, self-rescue techniques, signalling and safe movement over various terrains.
We offer basic, advanced and proffesional survival courses. We are also autors and hosts of First Croatian survival TV show.

Croatian Outdoor Survival School

Survival knowledge are all that skills that can improve your permanation in hostile area or in life risk situations for limited period of time necessary to be rescued by rescuers or by reaching the goal on self rescuing.
Nowadays, there is an abundance of false information about survival and bushcraft on film and television, which portrays an unrealistic picture of the actual survival skills and situations. Such superficial, 'trendy' survival manuals, without using actual facts and experiential survival and bushcraft knowledge, create only a profound confusion of what the survival really is, and how to live through it. Therefore, there is nothing that can replace a realistic experience.
Our school was born with primary mission of teaching people to survive, or better - live in the nature. Now, we growth up and become a point of survival knowledges in our district. Per example, all our students after only one course frequented with us become our active survival school members.
We're transforming our survival school into unique survival movement, made from similar people with deep love for survival and bushcraft skills, nature and adventure that are looking forward into the future of personal expansion.

Contact: Croatian Outdoor Survival School
              Sisplaz 05, 52100 Pula
              Croatia - Hrvatska
Tel.: GSM: 00385 (0)99 408 45 88





France - Europa

A votre disposition pendant les stages : lunettes à vision nocturne , jumelles, une collection de livres sur la survie, les plantes commestibles, cordages, différents couteaux....
Vous êtes en groupe, et vous souhaitez un programme à la carte avec plus d'évolution de bivouac, de sommets, de descentes en rappel, de parapente ?...
Vous construirez votre abri pour une nuit inoubliable, nous identifierons les étoiles et planètes, et vous ferez le feu pour le barbecue du soir !
Feu : différentes techniques de démarrage d'un feu, frictions loupe... et test avec fourniture de pierre à feu pour tester le démarrage.
Eau : différentes techniques pour trouver , filtrer, traiter, fabriquer de l'eau.
Cordes : maniement et technique des nœuds.
Premiers secours : gestes en survie pour bobologie et attente secours.
Thermie: les besoins fondamentaux et techniques en survie.
Besoins caloriques : du corps.
Besoins vitaux : air, eau, protéine etc..
Constructions: technique de structure.
Aide en survie : levier, pousser, casser.
Outils : fabrication.
Armes : pour chasse et défense.
Pièges : pour se nourrir en survie.
Météorologique : différents phénomènes et analyses , venturi ....
Plantes comestibles : recherche et spécificités (Plante et astuces médicinales).
Gestes techniques de défense : self défense.
Évolution : en zone montagneuse , sable, boue, escalade, tombé dans un puits, tunnel ...
stage de survie urbain: gestion dans une situation de guérilla urbaine, gestion de crise entre individus, technique spécifique au milieu urbain....
tir sportif: encadré avec des moniteurs, scéances de tirs dans club
Mais aussi: Comportement face animal, Orientation, Localisation, Signalisation, Transmission morse, fabrication bracelet paracord boussole...


n'hésitez pas a nous contacter si vous avez des questions !
Contact via Facebook:

Germany/Deutschland - Europa

Survival- & Outdoortraining Siegerland, Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein

Überlebenstraining und Outdoortraining - individuell abgestimmt auf Ihre zeitlichen und inhaltlichen Vorstellungen und Wünsche.

Tel.: 0049 (0)2737 217339  Mobile: 0049 (0)176 63736539


Survival Training Kurs

Team Survival -  Beucha (Sachsen)

Team-Survival bietet Erlebnis-Events im Outdoor Bereich für private und gewerbliche Kunden. Eine Spezialisierung der Angebote liegt hierbei auf Survival- und Überlebenstraining, welches im Sächsischen Elbsandsteingebirge stattfindet.

Wünschen Sie ein speziell angepasstes Survival-, oder Überlebenstraining mit individuellen Inhalten? Gern erstellen wir Ihnen ein auf Ihre Vorstellungen angepasstes Angebot ab einer Gruppenstärke von min. 6 Personen.

Wir hoffen, dass Sie sich von den Angeboten auf der Website und den Lehrgangsinhalten von Team-Survival angesprochen fühlen, und freuen uns darauf, Sie bei einem gemeinsamen Survival- oder Überlebenstraining persöhnlich kennenzulernen!

Leave no Man behind - Ihr Ronny von Team-Survival


Firmensitz und Postanschrift:


Team Survival c/o Ronny Schmidt


Residenz im Park 5
04824 Brandis OT Beucha (Sachsen)

Mobil: +49 (0171) 1798352


Website: - Survival and Bushcraft - Karlsruhe

Unser Ziel ist es, mit Survival und Bushcraft Werte und Fähigkeiten zu vermitteln, die im besonderen Maße das Kulturgut ein jeder indigenen Gesellschaft gewesen sind. Fertigkeiten, die nicht nur das Übeleben mit Hilfe steinzeitlicher Techniken sichern, sondern im gleichen Zuge ein gesteigertes Wertgefühl der uns umgebenen Umwelt als Basis der Autarkie geben. 
Unser Anspruch liegt dabei darin, jedem Interessierten ein Basisprogramm zu vermitteln, das ihm einerseits als Vorbereitung auf Extremreisen, Expeditionenoder zum Beispiel dem Wehrdienst dient, andererseits als Sensibilisierung für die uns umgebenen natürlichen Zusammenhänge zu wirken.

So bieten die Fortbildungen in ihrer Heterogenität jedem Interessierten, ob Anfänger oder Überlebensspezialist eine fundierte Basis für eigeninstruiertes Lernen und das nötige Wissen, um sich sicher und ohne Furcht auch in unbekannten Gegenden sicherlich aufkommende Herausforderungen zu meistern. 

Survival and Bushcraft

Johannes Joe Vogel

Kornblumen Straße 8

76131 Karlsruhe

Tel.: 07219119378


Woodtrekker - Wilhelshaven (Niedersachsen)


Grundlegende Dinge, die für alle Kurse gelten.

Jede Kursform ist auf maximal 10 Teilnehmer beschränkt. Diese Teilnehmerzahl garantiert eine umfangreiche Betreuung jedes Teilnehmers.



Level1 - Einsteiger- Survivalkurs

Im Einsteiger-Survivalkurs werden die Grundideen von Themen vermittelt. Hier wäre zu nennen:

-Wasserbeschaffung und Aufbereitung.

-Feuer erzeugen mit und ohne Hilfsmitteln.

-Nahrung, tierische und pflanzliche.

-Unterkunftbau mit und ohne Hilfsmitteln.

-Erste Hilfe. Diese Unterweisung erfolgt von einem ausgebildete               Rettungsassistenten

-Erlernen des Fallenstellens.

-Orientierung mit und ohne Hilfsmitteln.

-Herstellen von verschiedenstens Hilfsmitteln



Level 2 - Survivalkurs

Es werden Grundtechniken vertieft wie beispielsweise:

-Wasserbeschaffung und Aufbereitung.

-Feuer erzeugen mit und ohne Hilfsmitteln.

-Nahrung, tierische und pflanzliche.

-Unterkunftbau mit und ohne Hilfsmitteln.

-Erste Hilfe. Diese Unterweisung erfolgt von einem ausgebildete               Rettungsassistenten

-Erlernen des Fallenstellens.

-Orientierung mit und ohne Hilfsmitteln.

-Herstellen von verschiedenstens Hilfsmitteln


Es wird versucht, die Kursteilnehmer in eine realistische Überlebenssituation zu versetzen, um auch die psychische und somit wichtigste Komponente des Überlebens zu trainieren. In dieser Kursform soll weitgehend auf alltägliche Annehmlichkeiten verzichtet  werden (kein Schlafsack, kein Zelt, keine Taschenlampe, kein Handy, kein Gps usw.).


Level 3 - Extrem- Survivalkurs

 Unter dieser Rubrik werden zwei Tour formen angeboten: Einmal geht es alleine durch die endlosen Wälder Kanadas, einmal durch die Wälder in Schweden. Die Erlebnisse fordern unter Umständen harte Entbehrungen, physisch wie mental. Das Mindestalter liegt  bei 20 Jahren.

Tel:         0049 (0)174/7074454



Lars Konarek - Der Survival Guide -  Freiburg (Baden Württemberg)

Lernen Sie von einem professionellen Survival Guide, wie man in und aus der Natur überleben kann. Meine speziellen Survival- und Bushcraftkurse und Kräuterwanderungen sind für jedermann geeignet.


Erleben Sie das kleine Abenteuer Survival Training unter qualitativer Anleitung.


Ich biete Ihnen Überlebenstrainings / Survival Kurse auf höchstem Niveau - für Individualisten und diejenigen die es richtig lernen wollen.
Mein Motto: "Gib NIE auf!"
Das hat mich als Extremsportler und bei vielen persönlichen Härteprüfungen unter widrigsten Bedingungen oft zum Ziel geführt.


Survival Guide
Lars Konarek
Salzstraße 1
79098 Freiburg

Tel.:      0761 55729161
Mobil:    0157 85300446
Fax:      0761 29086170




Lars Konarek, The Survival Guide on the German TV Programm Galileo

Click Here

Guyana - South America

Learn how to survive in the Amazon jungle with nothing but a machete, then test your skills in isolation!
    * 1 and 2 week jungle survival courses
    * Live deep in remote Amazonian rainforest
    * Sleep in jungle hammocks
    * Train with local Amerindian guides
    * Survive the isolation phase
    * Visit the worlds tallest single drop waterfall

Jungle survival is 90 per cent positive mindset and if you've got it, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It is a true test of your mental stamina.
Bushmasters offer Full, RAW and 24/7 jungle survival courses - ask us for a detailed Survival Itinerary.
Full Survival
This 2 week trip takes you to the remote, pristine jungles of Guyana, in South America. With a Bushmasters instructor and the vast knowledge of two senior, local Amerindian guides you will learn just how comfortable you can make yourself in the jungle with almost nothing.
Before you even reach your remote jungle base camp deep in the rainforest, you will have travelled by light aircraft, 4x4 vehicle and dug out canoe. In between we take a stop a local Amerindian community where we kit you out with specialised jungle gear for the adventure ahead. All this in itself takes a couple of days!



Greece - Europa

Bushmaster School of Traditional Wildlife Skills, Thessaloniki - Greece

Tel.:        0030 2310 359285


Holland - Europa

EXTRA Survival & Bushcraft, Vledder Niederland

EXTRA Survival & Bushcraft
René Nauta en Beke Olbers
Dorpsstraat 13
8381 AM Vledder
Tel.:       (kantooruren) 0031 -(0)521 - 38 11 10
Fax.:        0031 - (0)858 77 86 26


De Bushcraft Vereniging

De Bushcraft Vereniging is een vereniging zonder winstoogmerk bedoeld om de Bushcraft, Outdoor & Survival laagdrempelig toegankelijk te maken en zorg te dragen voor de natuur. De ‘eco-footprint ‘en het ‘leave no trace’ principe worden breed uitgedragen en komen in alle activiteiten terug. We organiseren cursussen, workshops en bijeenkomsten tegen onkostenvergoeding waaronder een Introductiecursus Bushcraft en een Basiscursus Bushcraft. Ook nemen we deel aan een forum ( en hebben we een Bushcraft Wiki opgezet (


Bushcraft Vereniging


De enige Nederlandse vereniging voor bushcraft, outdoor en survival.

Kokopelli Earthkeepers Survival School , Malden
De cursussen van Kokopelli Nederland worden verzorgt door stichting Kokopelli en gaan over leven & overleven en hebben allemaal hetzelfde doel: Thuis op Aarde. Wij doen dat door cursisten te leren overleven met alleen de aarde als hulpmiddel. Zo kun je van blad, naalden of gras een waterdichte slaapzak maken en hoef je dus nooit meer een tent en een slaapzak mee te sjouwen. Je kunt vuur maken door twee stukken hout tegen elkaar te wrijven en water koken in een kom die het vuur voor je heeft gemaakt. Dan hoef je nooit meer bang te zijn dat je lucifers nat worden en je brander kun je wel thuis laten.
Tijdens een cursus bij Kokopelli ga je even terug in tijd; terug naar een tijd toen mensen nog jager en verzamelaar waren. De aarde heeft namelijk alles wat je nodig hebt om te leven. Je hoeft alleen maar te leren waar het ligt en hoe je het kunt bewerken. Als je in een natuurlijke wereld onderdak, water, vuur en voeding kunt vinden, dan wordt overleven een stuk makkelijker. Als je daarbij nog de Aarde en alle andere wonderen als niet vanzelfsprekend benadert, dan heb je er binnen de kortste keren een hoop vrienden bij. Dan wordt overleven … leven en dat is het mooie van thuis op aarde zijn: je gaat je echt thuis voelen in die natuurlijke omgeving, want je weet waar alles ligt, net alsof je thuis bent. Je eigen huis maak je ook niet vuil, omdat je er morgen wilt kunnen leven. Dat geldt ook voor de Aarde: we maken het bos niet vuil, want morgen kijk je er tegenaan of vind je dat vuil in je salade.

Stichting Kokopelli
Heiweg 30
6581 EB Malden

Natuurkampeerterrein Peelven
Bosweg 42
5845 EB Oploo


Overleven Survival School
Over ons
Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het geven van instructie in overlevingstechnieken en het organiseren van survival en wildernis tochten. We leiden en begeleiden expedities over de hele wereld. Verder kunnen we consultancy en support aan bedrijven, overheids instellingingen, media producties en particulieren leveren. Wij werken binnen ons bedrijf niet met vrijwilligers maar uitsluitend met goed opgeleide mensen en hebben dan ook verschillende gecertificeerde (survival) instructeurs, wildernis en berggidsen. Op deze manier bieden wij hoogwaardige cursussen en expedities aan. Er werken een aantal freelance instructeurs bij de school die assisteren bij cursussen.


Survival School O.V.E.R.L.E.V.EN.
Dennis van Dokkum
Middelzand 5602
1788 HH Den Helder
Tel.: Mobile 0031(0)6 23251535

KvK nr: 37146858


Northern Ireland - UK, Europa

The Northern Ireland Survival School


The Northern Ireland Survival School is a Northern Ireland based company teaching Bushcraft and Wilderness living skills in Northern Ireland.


We provide Bushcraft courses as outdoor activities to private individuals and groups as well as catering for team building and public and private events.



At Northern Ireland Survival School we believe in a back to basics approach to skills and teaching.

The courses that we run are certainly not military style boot camps and neither are they for the tree hugging fanatic who wants to lose themselves in nature. Our courses are based on a healthy respect for the environment we live in and we teach bushcraft skills which harness nature and work with it rather than working against it.


Please have a look at our website if you have any queries about Bushcraft or the outdoor activity courses we provide or you would like any other questions answered contact us at


Tel:         07415223392




The Northern Ireland Bushcraft Association
The Northern Ireland Bushcraft Association or N.I.B.A. was founded in 2008 by a group of friends who met due to their love of the great outdoors and passion for bushcraft. The group started off meeting in local parks and forest areas around Northern Ireland, before making application to public and private estates in a bid to secure a more permanent site.
After a lot of letter writing, emailing and determination, the NIBA has been given  permission from Larne Borough council and the Management Team at Carnfunnock for the exclusive use of  Carnfunnock Country Park for Bushcraft!     
We will be organizing  Bushcraft events each year at Carnfunnock at minimal or no cost to the public who would like to take part (minimal cost will be for food or refreshments or materials to use on the course). These will be stand alone 1 day courses in Bushcraft skills. We will also be taking part in some of the major events organized by the Park itself, so if you would like to have a go at being Ray Mears for the day contact Carnfunnock Country Park for a full list of up coming events ( their number is on our bushcraft schools and websites page).      
We at the NIBA are always on the look out for new sites to practice our skills and pass on what we know, so if you or someone you know owns or has access to land or wooded areas and would be willing to let us use them for Bushcraft or you would like to know more about bushcraft and wilderness living skills then give us a shout at the email address or telephone number below.                                             
Tel.:       07928521062

Fax:       07980656291   




Ireland - Europa

Bushcraft Ireland
Bushcraft is a blending of ancient outdoor skills such as knife craft, shelter building, fire-lighting and woodcraft, combined with modern skills and technologies which allow us to get a fuller experience of Nature. We offer 2 day Basic Bushcraft and Advanced Bushcraft courses, Wilderness First Aid and Family Bushcraft courses.
We provide a unique, high quality outdoor education experience covering many aspects of bushcraft, wilderness survival and nature awareness. All our courses are run in relaxed way whilst being as informative as possible. We want all our students to have fun and to go away from our bushcraft course with a real sense of achievement.
Our philosophy is to train and guide our students through the world of nature as a participant not just an observer. We strive to give each student a deeper understanding of the natural world, allowing them to feel part of their environment and so live closer to it. You will learn through simple but effective bushcraft skills, how to work and live with nature and increasing your confidence in the wilderness and in your everyday life.
Cource Calendar:
Tel.: 087 2266922
Check out Bushcraft Ireland on YouTube:

Instituter for Permaculture and Natur Awareness

Kerry Bushcraft School  


Welcome to IPNA. We are a Bushcraft and Remote Medicine School located on the Ring of Kerry in Southwestern Ireland.

We offer courses in Wilderness Medicine, Bushcraft Skills, Animal Tracking, Primitive Skills, Permaculture and Nature Awareness. Courses range from a two day weekend to the week long courses in Remote Medicine.  

 A current schedule of upcoming Bushcraft and Outdoor First Aid courses can be found on our Schedule Page.
Contact us:
Tel.:    00353 (0)66 948 1944



Shomtei Hagen - "Keepers of the garden"
Holistic ecology - the use of hunter/gatherer skills as tools for a better  understanding of mankind and the world.
Hunter/gatherer societies existed for hundreds of thousands of years, experiencing their connectedness to the earth and the great spirit, being provided for their needs and in return acting as "caretakers" of the land.
Based on this conviction we, in "Shomrei Hagan" (the keepers of the garden) are busy passing on the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the "earth cultures" applied to our modern life. This, in a wide variety of programs targeting adults as well as children and youth.
This is what we teach:
Construction and building of few long term shelters.
Fire starting and maintenance. Eskimo drill, hand drill, fire types, the role fire plays in our lives.
Advanced movement and awareness techniques.
Tracking. Connecting right & left brain, physical and spiritual, advanced tracking.
Holistic approach toward plants = plants for medicinal use, edibles and utilitarian plants.
Spinning and waving - plants fibers, baskets, ropes, mats and more.
Leather work.
The hunter concept - re connecting to the animal within, weapons and other tools - rabbit stick, spires, bows & arrows, trap, the spiritual hunt.
Advanced camouflage - invisibility!
 Using the "force" as a tool for re connecting to nature. The use of various meditations for better knowing the world.
Understanding thr ecological concept pf the caretaker - how do we bring it to our daily life.
Permaculture - an all encompassing system for modern sustainability.
Didactics and teaching methods - coyote teaching., story telling, natural leadership, group management.
Tel.:        972 - 4 - 6629238


Italy - Europa

Outdoor Adventures - based in the Rimini area.

La missione è quella di formare nei giovani un carattere completo, sicuro di sé. Sulla base di questi princìpi
dar loro la possibilità di scoprire se stessi;
di conoscere sia il successo che la sconfitta;
di impegnarsi per una causa comune;
stabilire dei momenti di silenzio in cui i giovani possono concentrarsi su se stessi e sentire i propri pensieri;
sviluppare l’immaginazione; far sì che il gioco sia una componente educativa importante ma non dominante; liberare i figli del benessere dalla convinzione di essere dei privilegiati.
Questi princìpi vogliono esprimere un approccio educativo volto alla formazione del carattere assieme allo sviluppo di abilità intellettuali.
Tal scopo questa filosofia educativa è orientata a sollecitare le risorse più profonde (intellettuali, fisiche ed emotive) attraverso attività fisiche che si svolgono Outdoor (all'aperto).



Survival Outdoor Skills - based in Bardolino - (north) Italy

If you've been searching the net in looking for some military survival training here in Italy , you've come to the right place. We offer a variety of programs designed to teach you the necessary skills in how to survive & thrive in the outdoors, no experience required!

BASIC MILITARY/OUTDOOR SURVIVAL is a course designed for students who want realistic training in learning how down pilots and special ops soldiers survive in the outdoors. Everything issued for this training is mostly all US military equipment, compasses, knives, survival vests, parachutes, etc. Students will learn how to assemble their own survival kit, erect different types of shelters, start fires, collect, filter & purify water, spear fish, trap game, signal for help, how to determine directions without a compass and other important survival skills. And we offer two programs, one for US military (active duty) personnel and the other for DOD (civilian) personnel.



Tel.:    347-343-5029

Peru - South America

Randall´s Adventure and Training - Peru

- is a recognized leader in Latin American jungle survival and domestic training. As a professional survival training team and hard-use gear manufacturer, RAT understands the unique needs of personnel operating in jungle environments. If your project or operation requires the best in jungle training or gear, or if you're an individual interested in learning how to survive under adverse conditions, then Randall's Adventure & Training is your answer. 

Randall's Adventure & Training has led numerous expeditions and jungle survival training classes in the Amazon jungles of Peru. Since our beginnings in 1997, our clientele has ranged from military and law enforcement teams, to film crews and professional adventurers.

Our public adventures and jungle survival classes have been featured on the Travel Channel (video clips), Discovery Channel,  and in numerous books, outdoor magazines and trade publications.

Sweden - Europa

Musherman Wildeness Adventures: Vindeln, Sweden

Dog Sledding Wildeness Adventures Bushcraft

I'm ex British Military, and trained in Arctic survival. My fiance and I moved from  the United Kingdom, the borders of Swedish Lapland, in October 2008. Compared to some of the Bushcraft Tours being advertised online, for example on Ray Mear's course is very good value for money! I want to make it accessible for everyone. I am even running shorter camps for families, and discount rates. These courses get booked up fast, as I only have room for 6 - 8 people per group. So book now to avoid disapointement!

Musherman Courses/Prices

Switzerland - Europa

SOS - Outdoor Schule, Zürich, Switzerland

Ursprung unserer Arbeit ist das Interesse an steinzeitlichem Wissen und Können; Ziel ist, dieses für weite Kreise zugänglich zu machen und es weiter zu verbreiten. Wir unterhalten verschiedene Kontakte mit naturnah lebenden Menschen. Immer wieder integrieren wir über unsere Vorfahren neu Erlerntes in unsere Kurse.
Neben unseren regelmässigen Kursen bieten wir spezielle Kurse für Schulen, Heime, Familien, Kinder und ältere Leute an. Dazu nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit der Schule auf.
Die SOS besteht seit 27 Jahren. Wir haben in diesen Jahren verschiedenste Personen in das ABC des Survivals eingeführt: Bankangestellte, Bauern, Kinder, Jugendliche, Pensionierte, Berggänger, Naturfreunde, Jäger, Velofahrer, Piloten, Freikletterer, Eltern; das Geschlechterverhältnis ist 50%. Das gute Echo über diese vielen Jahren hat uns bestätigt, dass wir auf einem guten Pfad sind. Anregungen aus schriftlichen Kursbewertungen, persönliche und mündliche Vorschläge nehmen wir ernst und integrieren diese in folgende Kurse.
Christof Hagen
Rossweidli 43
8045 Zürich
Tel.:       0041 (0)44 450 56 50

Thailand - Asia

Paddle Asia - Thailand
Thailand's History of Outdoor Survival Skills
One of the many things that impress many travelers in Thailand is the ability of the locals to live off of the jungle. Today, most Thais don’t have to rely on the jungle for sustenance, though they have retained much of their ability to identify wild edible and medicinal plants.
In addition to knowing a lot about the plants in the jungle, many Thais still know how to make temporary shelters and many other jungle crafts that would make being lost in the verdant terrain… not so uncomfortable. Fish trap
PaddleAsia's Thai guides are well-adapted to living off of the land. All of our guides came from simple backgrounds and fairly poor families. I (Dave) will combine their natural jungle survival skills with my lifelong love of the outdoors and survival skills to provide you with an opportunity to visit the jungles of Southern Thailand with the bare minimum of tools. Take advantage of our collective skills.
Jungle Survival Courses (in Khao Sok National Park)
PaddleAsia offers a variety of jungle survival courses in Thailand. One of our jungle survival courses take place in Khao Sok National Park. This course combines jungle survival with kayaking. 
As far as picking wild edible plants go, we would not pick any plant that is uncommon or rare.  Rare plants will be pointed out, but not eaten. In other words, we’d only sample plants that are very common and that are capable of growing back rapidly. Luckily for you, there are many plants that fall into this last category. You’ll get to eat directly from the jungle.
Tel.: Dave's mobile 081 8936558 (in country),Moo's mobile 081 7974855 (in country)
Tel.:  Office  076 241519 (in country)
Fax: Office: 076 241519 (in country), 0066 76 241519 (out of the country)


USA - North America


Alderleaf Wilderness College,

Alderleaf Wilderness College is a nature education center and wilderness survival school. Alderleaf offers innovative permaculture, wildlife tracking, nature education, sustainable living, and wilderness survival courses in the Pacific Northwest. Led by a staff of seasoned professionals, our wilderness courses provide you with valuable nature skills.
Alderleaf offers a variety of classes, presentations, and programs of varying lengths. You can participate in a day-long, weekend, week-long, monthly, or extended program. Core fields of study include:
    * Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft
    * Permaculture & Sustainable Living
    * Wildlife Tracking & Awareness
    * Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants
    * Naturalist Skills & Ecology
    * Nature-based Education & Leadership
Our core program, the Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program, prepares you for a variety of outdoor careers in environmental education, field research, and sustainable living. Graduates receive a Certificate in Wilderness Education & Ecology. Certification program students also have the option to receive undergraduate college credits.
Whether its animal tracking applied to wildlife management, survival skills applied to natural disaster preparedness, or wild medicinal plants for home health care, Traditional Ecological Knowledge provides solutions for many modern environmental challenges.

Phone: (360) 793-8709. Office hours are typically 9am to 5pm Pacific time on weekdays.

Postal Mail: Alderleaf Wilderness College, 18715 299th Ave SE, Monroe, WA 98272.


BOSS - Boulder Outdoor Survival School - Boulder, Colorado

BOSS, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, is the oldest and largest traditional living skills / survival school in the world. Based out of corporate headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, we have had a field office in Southern Utah's small town of Boulder since 1968.
BOSS Courses range from 1 to 28 days in length in Utah, Colorado, and Mexico, and clients range from 18 to 70 years old (2008 average: 31). Courses currently include several target-specific divisions: field courses, skills courses, explorer courses, and custom courses.
As a result of our position as the premier survival school, we have enjoyed working on a variety of high-profile productions. These have included dozens of newspaper and magazine articles, a growing number of television shows, and even one movie (CAST AWAY starring Tom Hanks). Through it all, BOSS has remained committed to our cause, teaching people how to do more with less and to appreciate the wilderness and the perspective of traditional cultures.
BOSS is run by approximately 30 hardy souls who handle field operations (instructors, apprentices, backup/support, logistics, etc.) and customer service (course registration, brochure requests, general inquiries, etc.). Lean and strong, the BOSS team knows each other well and enjoys spending time on the trail together. We look forward to meeting


Contact: Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS)
              P.O. Box 1590
              Boulder, Colorado 80306 USA

Tel.:       800 335 7404
Fax:       303 442 7425


Maine Primitive Skills School: based at Augusta, Maine
Survival School - Wilderness Survival - Primitive Skills School
The Maine Primitive Skills Survival School is a group of people dedicated to reconnecting themselves and others to their ancestral roots through skills that have been practiced for 2 million years. Primitive skills connect us to what is meaningful and real and dispel the illusions created by modern society. Through our odyssey we have become a teaching community that continues to grow and celebrate new members each time we gather for a class. Wilderness Survival and Earth skills may be what we teach, but they really teach us how to be a family once again.
Maine Primitive Skills School,
716 Church Hill Road,  
Augusta, Maine
Tel.:        04330, (207) 623-7298


Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School: based in Catawba, Virginia
One of the best known wilderness survival schools in the U.S. Featured in National Geographic Adventure, Backpacker, Readers' Digest, the Washington Post, and the new book "Deep Survival," Mountain Shepherd helps you gain the experience and develop a higher level of confidence to enjoy any wilderness environment. Offering expert skills and knowledge necessary to cope in the wilderness while camping, hiking, or if you are confronted with a wilderness survival situation.

Offering instruction in wilderness survival, map & compass, escape & evasion, wilderness leadership and teambuilding.

Tel.: 434 238 4094

Mountain Shepherd Courses

“Body found in Grand Canyon…Snowboarder triggers fatal avalanche…Denver hiker, missing since Saturday…County officials searching for missing Boy Scout...Missing hiker found alive after four days in the forest”
Headlines like these are flashed across the Internet, newspapers and television news almost nightly. With the ever-growing public interest in the outdoors and the maze of modern survival myth, many are unsure WHAT it means to ‘Be prepared to Survive”! Our aim at is to help YOU, decipher these riddles, develop a well-rounded understanding of survival priorities, backcountry skill development and the necessary GEAR to give YOU....The Survivors EDGE!

Tel:     (801) 529-5539 




Practical Primitive - Great Meadows, NJ

We focus our workshops on specific topics, and provide Personal Mentoring sessions on almost any aspect of Traditional and Primitive skills. Do more than just gather knowledge; work hands-on with the tools and materials that will help you to fully integrate a strong and stable repertoire of skills into your life. Taught practically and learned passionately, there need not be any distinction between "class time" and "the real world".

Our workshop sizes are limited to a maximum of six to ten people, depending on the subject, so you'll get more out of your learning experience. Keeping the student-to-instructor ratio so low ensures that you will get the personalized attention you need to have your questions answered and your needs addressed. We teach in the manner that is best for you, not easiest for us. If you can't do at home what you learned in our workshops, we didn't do our job!

Small classes, Personal Mentoring, reasonable prices, weekend workshops — we have dedicated our program to providing you with the best in affordable, top-quality instruction in a wide variety of Primitive and Traditional skills. We'll even bring our Workshops to You! At Practical Primitive, our committment is to providing you with the practical means for you to master and integrate the knowledge of our shared ancestry into your modern life.

Bushcraft and Survival Skills Description

Contact:   Practical Primitve

                14 Sussex Lane
                Great Meadows, NJ
Tel.:         908-637-8137


Youtube:  Bowdrill Fire — Proper Form, Practical Primative

                Camo Workshop - Natural Camouflage, Practical Primitive

Sigma III Survival School

We are very eco-friendly and try to leave as little impact on the planet as possible. But we are not a no trace left behind organization. We do not buy into the fact that it is possible to leave no trace behind, but we do try to limit our ecological impact as much as possible. Sigma III believes that we should not act as if we are not apart of the wilderness, but good stewards of our enviroment. When we take wild edibles from the land we only take what we need, and we always try to make an effort to improve upon the land we depend on! For instance, if we take a plant for sustenance, we try to spread the growth of that plant by scattering and planting it seeds. When the next person comes along and partakes of the wild edibles, we ensure that it will be better for generations to come!
The founder of Sigma III has been a survivalist for years and has always wanted to have something like what we are creating with the school right now. After searching for a place to train primitive survival skills and having no real luck without driving too far, I decided to just build one myself! I'm a local business owner and lifelong resident of Fort Smith, AR. Though I have hung my hat here in town for a long time, I have traveled out west in the rockies and have been to the middle east. Specifically Iraq! I'm a iraqi vet that came back from the sandbox with a strong desire to increase my knowledge of survivalism and tactical situations awareness.
It has been my dream to walk into the wilderness with only the knife on my side and create everything you need from nothing but my mind and a few tools. I don't mean the kind of survival that is a struggle such as you see survivorman go through. My survivalism is one where a man is just like any other animal in the wilderness, not a visitor, but a being at one with the world and his enviroment! I hope to share my passion with a group of like minded individuals who see the world for what it is, and want to take their God given right to exist in harmony in their own enviroment. If you have a hunger to discover the unknown and test yourself beyond your limits, then come join us and lets create something together!

Tel.:    406-600-3155





Class Schedules

UK - Europe



Art & Science of Survival


Survival is not just about what skills you have, it's about knowing when to apply them. With knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world around, we can make informed decisions, work smart, conserve energy and maximise our odds of survival in any situation.

No matter what the climate and available resources, the same survival principles apply meaning that with one set of rules, we can give ourself the best chance of survival anywhere in the world, under any circumstances.

Knowledge and skills taught hand in hand develop a greater understanding and through practice, can be retained and called upon at any time.


Courses with Art & Science of Survival teach the most relevant and up to date skills in conjuction with the knowledge you need to know how they work and when to use them to the greatest effect. All courses have a core curriculum and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Survival, Bushcraft, Wild Food and Youth Courses are available by private booking all year round, in various woodland and coastal locations in Devon and throught the UK. Course numbers can be as little as six and as many as thirty. Assistant intructors are available on larger courses. Progressive learning through structured courses is available for all course types. Sign up for the mailing list to get course updates and news on forthcoming individual bookings.

Survival Course Ranging from basic two day to advanced ten day and concentrate on the skills and knowledge required to survive genuine survival situations in wilderness and urban environments.

Bushcraft Course Ranging from one to five days with an emphasis on traditional skills and equipment, camp craft and recreational activities.

Wild Food Course Ranging from a half day to three days and include foraging skills, for plants and fungi, as well as fishing, hunting and trapping, together with preparation, cooking and preservations techniques. These courses do not simply list a number of available foodstuffs, they include the knowledge of habitat and ecology needed to improve and develop your skills independantly. Structured courses over a number of seasons are available.

Youth or Family Course Ranging from one to five days depending on the ages and experience of the participants. These are often taught as a combination of the above courses with achievement and fun being the main goals.

Bushcraft Experditions: based in Hereford UK

UK based Bushcraft/Survival firm doing courses and experditions World-Wide, Borneo, Thailand etc.

Tel.: From UK 01432 356700 / From outside the UK: 0044 1432 356700

Bushcraft Experdition Course Dates

Coastal Survival School
The UK survival school for Coastal Survival and Bushcraft Courses
Shelter building and fire making are essential skills for bushcraft and survival courses.  Coastal Survival school run Bushcraft Survival courses to help you experience, practice and understand Bushcraft Survival skills and resources in a coastal location.  Coastal survival school use many different and diverse coastal locations. We are based near the Devon/Dorset boarders and currently run courses along the Jurassic Coast and the Llyn peninsula in North West Wales.
Beautiful coastal setting for bushcraft and survival courses
Coastal survival school courses are suitable for all skill levels, individuals and groups of up to 12 can enjoy having fun learning valuable skills. The UK Coast line is a beautiful and sometimes wild environment, with an abundance of wild food, fish and shellfish. Learn how to collect, catch and cook them, along with the other essential skills needed to both Survive and enjoy the great outdoors.
Wild food gathering, foraging, preparation and cooking
Please look at our Bushcraft and Survival courses, or call us, and we will be more than happy to discuss our forth coming events, or answer any questions you may have.  Foraging and gathering for wild food along the shore.
Coastal Survival have been supplying Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine with regular features in a section called 'Coastal Survival school' since the July/August 2009 issue.
Contact:  Coastal Survival
               The Old Cliff Hotel
               Cliff Road
               Burton Bradstock
               DT6 4RB
Tel.:        07702 104644




Do It Outdoors - Bushcraft & Survival: based in Perfshire, Auchingarrich, UK

We run Bushcraft and Survival Experiences for Groups of all ages. Great for stags and hens who want a day or weekend to remember for the rest of their lives.  Also available is Fly Fishing and Mountain Bike Guiding and Hillwalking.

Tel.: 07973802620


Dryad Bushcraft - based in Swansee  

Dryad Bushcraft Wales is one of the UK’s leading Bushcraft and Survival schools, and one of very few full time specialist providers of high quality practical instruction. Bushcraft instruction for us is not something we do on the weekends, or whenever we have spare time between our other jobs, we live it, all the time.

So; when you attend one of our Bushcraft and Survival courses you can be assured that the techniques you learn will be accurate tried and tested methods, which will work when you most need them.

Dryad Bushcraft is based on the Gower Peninsular in South Wales. The natural beauty of the location earned it the prestigious honour of being awarded the UK's first AONB (Area ofoutstanding natural beauty) in 1959. Although the majority of our courses are situated on Gower in South Wales, we also run survival courses and Expeditions throughout Wales as well as the rest of the UK and internationally.


Trueways Survival: HQ in Surrey, UK

Providing training since 1989, the organisation today is a group of well established limited companies with training centres in numerous countries and a list of clients including the armed forces, numerous multinational corporations, TV and media establishments, the emergency services and the general public.  Recognised survival instructors  including Glyn David and SAS survival expert and bestselling author John 'Lofty' Wiseman.

Tel.: From UK 0800 043 0832 / From outside UK: 0044 800 043 0832

Trueways Survival Course Dates & Availability

Wildharmony: based in Northumberland UK

Wildharmony-Bushcraft camps and courses in Northumberland
Wildharmony is a family run outdoor adventure provider based in Northumberland and specialising in bushcraft and wilderness living courses for individuals, families, schools, youth groups and corporate development.Wildharmony is an accredited training provider for the National open college network no
3 South Greens, Byrness,
Northumberland, NE19 1TT
Tel.:   01830520168
Mobil: 07951686875

Wildwood Bushcraft: - based in Scotland and Sussex, UK

UK based, ecologist-led bushcraft and survival school.

Courses are run throughout the year near the Ashdown Forest in Sussex and on the West Coast of Scotland, as well as expeditions to Arctic Sweden.

Tel.: 01687 470415

Wildwood Bushcraft Courses


Wilderness Essentials Survival School

Real skills from the Experts - Wilderness Essentials Survival School
is run by highly experienced survival experts, our aim is to provide no-nonsense, high quality, survival instruction & advice to people from all walks of life with any level of experience, We don’t teach theoretical techniques which can’t be used in the real world,
We stick to proven methods which actually work when you need them, we aim to provide the knowledge and confidence required to survive unsupported in a wide variety of situations.
Our survival courses are enjoyable, practical and informative, we are fully insured, and cater to all levels of experience and knowledge, please see our course descriptions for details. If one of our scheduled courses doesn’t suit you, please just contact us, and we will be pleased to put together a suitable course for you.


Tel.: Office: 01252 501748   Mobile1: 07804394129  
Email: or    



Tracking Courses UK - UK
Effective Animal and Human Tracking Courses and Training
If you’re looking for a course to advance your existing Tracking & Wilderness Living skills, then we believe our courses are what you are looking for…
 * Lifting the Veil:  Is your introduction course to tracking both animals and humans.
* The Mini Chase:  Is our NEW one day event which involves following a live trail… more details to follow
 * The Chase:  This is where you use all the skills you’ve learnt so far and apply them on a live chase! Yes, you’ll be tracking a live quarry over a weekend, thinking and working as a team.
All courses are taught and lead by Geoffrey who has been trained by the best and has himself trained hundreds of people from many walks of life.  From the public to police officers, including members of the Armed Forces, and other Professionals from the world of Forensics, many of whom have gone on to use their new found skills to great effect in their day-to-day jobs.
Enjoy looking through our site and I look forward to seeing you on one of the courses.

Tel.:    07823691408

Venezuela - South America

Venezuelan Bushcraft: based at Cabimas, Venezuela

Tel.:    0264 6580198 or 0412 6462321 


Watch the 'Survival Instinct' video
Real Survival in the wilderness of Africa.
Albert Ackhurst and David Rabie are survival experts
that took 16 celebrities on a bush survival challenge.