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Photo - ISBC member and a survival equipment producer and expert Rick Tscherne© - go to the bottom of the page for more from Rick - USA/Italy

Our Members Survival and Bug-Out Kit


Bug out Bags, Survival Belts, Tins and Necklaces presented from our International Survival and Bushcraft Facebook Members.

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Photo taken by Fred Stoddon

My Survival Tin from Fred Stoddon

1.A pocket size tin 2.Bound with adhesive tape (to waterproof it). 3.A mini knife 4.Magnesium fire eisen 5.Mini fishing kit with weights/hooks/line 6.Wire Saw 7.Wire for trapping 9.mini sawing kit 10.a candle 11.waterproof matches 12.3x tampons for fire lighting and filters 13.3xcondoms 14.a british compo mini tin opener (scared of finding tins and not being able to open them-I know it sounds crazy) 15.A whistel. 16.6xcloride tablets 17.Instructions for use, a piece of paper and pencil I think that I have not forgot anything - I also carry a knife on my trouser belt! 18.Heliogram 19.Compass ‎20. Water Purifiying Straw Filter in the plastic bag! 

Photo taken by Kinch White
The Kinch White Survival Kit

Have you ever been backpacking with friends, and realize that you're the only one carrying a water filter, first-aid kit, or more then one way to start a fire (if any)? I have personally been on many trips just like that, and it can get really frustrating being the only one prepared.

So how prepared are your friends in a emergency/survival situation? This question is why I've been piecing together two "Friend Kits". They are completely identical, and I only need to finish up their custom first-aid kits*, but the closest EMT, fire and rescue supplier is a whopping 98 miles north in Fairbanks.

They are both stocked as followed:

Mora 120 Knife.
Platypus 34oz Plus-Bottle.
Frontier Pro water filter (compatible with the Plus-bottle).
Large Fire Steel.
Storm-Proof Matches.
SOL Survival Blanket (2 person size).
Fox 40 Emergency Whistle.
All-Weather Notebook.
Mechanical Pencil (0.07 mm)
#2 Ticonderoga Pencil
50' of Paracord.
2 Chem-Lights (military grade).
2 Toilet Paper (aka "Mountain Money").
*First-Aid Kit. (I'll update when it's fully stocked).

Photo taken by Randy Richardson
here is my survival necklace but on a big carabiner clip for my belt.

Photo taken by Lucas M Godoy

The Lucas M Godoy Survival Gear (São Sebastião da Amoreira, Brazil)


Survival Kit from Ghostofthewoods Al




Rick Tscherne

WANTED - YOUR INPUT & FEED BACK: Ok guys & gals, this is the first time I have ever gone to any website, forum, etc in asking for some input & feed back on a new product that I will soon selling on my website www.SurvivalOutdoorSkills.com .


In case you don't know anything about me or my site... I am a retired (20+ years) US Army Ranger and I live here in Italy. And when I retired from the Army back in 1993, my Italian wife (my new commander) told me..."Ranger, since you're now retired from the Army you can't sit around the house all day drinking wine. So you either have to take up a hobby or get a job to keep youself busy." And I said to myself.."Hmmm, a hobby or a job..." Well since I can't drink on a job I may as well take up a hobby that I'm good at." And so I choose to teach part-time basic outdoor survival and make my own survival kits called SOS Survival Kits. Which means not only will I be able to keep myself busy and my wife happy, but I'll also be able to make some money and drink too. Well.. I didn't want to make & sell what others were selling, the same old - same old survival kits with the same old stuff. And so I came up with a new different type of survival kits that I like to call them... ULTRA-LIGHT survival kits. Something you can easily carry in your pocket without noticing it was there and or could be used to make a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) more detail survival kit. And so that's how I got started. And now I'm ready to launch a new kit that I have NOT yet decided what to call it. And so here's the photo of my new survival kit that I have not posted nor started selling on my website and I would like some feedback & input from some of you all. But most importantly..how much do you think I should sell it for? Now keep in mind...again , I deal strictly with ULTRA-LIGHT survival kits that weigh just 16 ozs / 1 lb or less. And so if you're going to say something like..."Hey Rick, that knife is too small or cheap looking.." Well, like I state on my website...I have told numerous people, forums, websites, etc ..."Every outdoor enthusiast OWNS a good knife, and no matter what type of survival kit you buy chances are you are NOT going to use the knife that comes with a store purchased survival kit as your primary knife. But instead your long time favorit knife. Am I right or wrong? You betcha I am. Now as for the other items you see in this photo...the general direction compass is the SAME compass that comes with ALL other well known survival kits & companies. I got'em all, compared and confirmed they are the same compasses, no difference. As for the magnesium & flint fire starter...it's the same flint & magnesium that you would find with others except mine is smaller & lighter to carrry. As for the whistle...it's a glow-in-the-dark well known Acme "Tornado Whistle" that would be hard to lose or misplace at night if you accidentially dropped it. As for the LED Flashlite...in my opinion and others who have purchase and tested out my kits..it's better than the Proton LED Light, the only difference is mine is a bit larger & heavier, that's all. As for the signal mirror...I am the only one who sells a 3 x piece folding signal mirror. Now for those who think a signal mirror "with the peephole" is better...The true facts about signal mirrors with peepholes is that it was mainly invented and used by the US military first so it could be used to signal someone (friendly forces, a rescue plane, helicopter, etc) WITHOUT the enemy (forces) seeing your signal thus giving away ones location (to the enemy). I and some others have tested out these two types of signal mirrors to see which one is easier & faster to use by the average person. And hands down the signal mirror without the peephole was easier and faster to use to signal someone for help especially when the aircraft you are trying to signal was moving pretty fast. As for the wire saw..yea, it's nice to have but..is one really necessary to have in a survival kit? As most of the time you can usually find or break some tree branches with your hands for making a shelter, fire, etc. As for the paracord you see in the photo...I am going to sell a 10-12 inch braided parcord that can be used either as a paracord bracelet (Note: Not a survival bracelet) or so it can be used and attach to this kit and one's belt and carried in a pants pocket so it cannot be lost. As for that bright orange round tube you see there...it's 18 inches of tighly rolled "duct tape" that can be used for all assortment of things. As for that round white thing alongside the round replastic container...It's a mini (blinking) LED strobe light that can be used for either signaling and or for marking your location where you plan to stay so you can look for wood or water and return back to your location without getting lost. How far can it been seen? Well, let's put it this way...you can see it just as fair as a chem-light and (unlike chem-lights) it can be turned off & on too. And the batteries it takes... you can find them quite easily on eBay selling for about .25 cents each and will last 12 or more hours of continuous use verses a chem-light that weighs more and is a lot bigger and you CAN'T turn it off and cost about $2 each. A big difference between paying $2 and $ .25 cent each and can store about 10 x batteries in the red plastic storange container too. Now as for the water purification items there...you get 4 water purification tablets and 1 x condom that's good for purifying up to 2-4 liters / quarts of water. As for the fishing & snare kit items..you get four hooks (two different sizes), 1 fishing swivel, 1 x split ring, some nylon fishing line and some wire for making some snare traps. Now again, keep in mind what I said....this is an ULTRA-LIGHT (72+ Hour) SURVIVAL KIT which can be used as your main (short term) survival kit or you can use the items that come with my kit for making your own a more detail survival kit. And so my question to all you is this...How much do you thnk I should sell this kit for? What do you think it's worth or how much would you pay for it that seems reasonable? And what you all say here will help me to determine what to sell it for. Oh, by the way...I've run into a few wise-asses who have told me in the past..."I can buy that stuff cheaper than what you're selling it for.." In which I enjoy answering back..."Oh yea, go ahead and try building and putting one together exactly like this at the same price. And if you can or do and can prove it to me by providing me a receipt for all these/those items and it's cheaper than my kit - I'll send you a free kit. Care to accept my challenge?" And guess what? No one has yet to accept my challenge. And so folks, there you go, look over my new kit very carefully and let me know what you think is a faire price to sell it for. okey dokey? Be looking forward to your comments here.