Self Defence

Europe - England and Spain

Activ8 Self Defence are one of the leading trainers in personal defence and self-defence awareness courses for women, men and children within the North West of England. We are passionate in our belief that people should feel safe in their everyday lives and should be empowered with practical, highly effective and easy to remember techniques in self-defence. Our classes range from standard martial arts classes, to schools classes, and from corporate training to instructor licensing. The nature of Activ8 Self Defence allows for us to tailor the classes to suit the needs of the given group. This permits us to cater for a wide range of ages, abilities and organisations.

Based in the North West, we currently run over 23 classes in  Lancaster, Morecambe, Preston and Blackpool, and are looking to expand our class base over a wider geographical area. As well as our standard classes we are also associated with a number of Primary Schools, High Schools and Colleges.This is an area of the market that we feel strongly about, providing children with simple steps in self defence, and allowing them to gain self discipline as a result of martial arts training.

Our classes are run by fully qualified instructors who have been involved in Jujitsu, and various other martial arts, for a number of years. The teachers at Activ8 Self Defence have the ability and flexibility to restructure the lesson being provided to suit the needs of the age range, the demographics of the group and the type of organisation.