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In this Special Christmas Issue, indulge on a feast of articles and bushcraft projects. Try your hand at at felting with our step-by-step process on how to make felt boots, which could make an ideal Christmas gift or keep your feet nice and toasty! You will love the complete guide to making your own bushcraft knife from start to finish. Learn the floating hand-drill technique – not to be missed. We have treasured Words of Wisdom from the late Eddie McGee courtesy of his son Perry McGee. Learn more about the Muntjac deer habits and how to track them with wildlife expert Pablo. Find out where you can see and learn from Ray Mears in 2011. Plus, The History of the Spork, Kit reviews, camp craft, natural navigation, wild food for the season and so much more. So, if you can’t get outdoors to practice bushcraft this winter, make your fun indoors with your copy of Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine for some expert advice and how-to projects.


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We at the Bushcraft Magazine make a point of showcasing the wild foods you can hunt or forage, the woods which are best for different purposes and how you can use what is around you. It is certainly not our intention to exploit our environment, rather, we are about changing our relationship with it and introducing a different and sustainable level of interaction and appreciation.

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Combat and Survival

Combat and Survival


A British published magazine about military units and equipment, the world-wide military and security scene and survival topics.


























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Complete Survivalist

CompleteSurvivalist.com is a comprehensive resource of training, information and guides designed to educate people on how to deal with a broad spectrum of survival situations through tutorials, videos, webinars and news.

Topics include: natural and man-made disasters, infrastructure collapse, economic meltdown, civil unrest, wilderness survival and self-sustainability.

Natural and man-made disasters have been occurring at an alarming rate, and at increasing intensity. Combined with threats on our economic, political and civic landscapes, it's never been more important to know what to should the world "as you know it" gets turned upside down.

Our mission at CompleteSurvivalist.com is to provide the vital training and information and resources that everyone should posses in order to not only prepare for and survive a life-changing event, but to flourish and thrive after the dust has settled.


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Dave Canterbury is well known in the International Survival Scene and has worked together with the TV channel "The Discovery Channel" amongst others.
Dave also runs the US based Pathfinders Survival School
and can be found on facebook at "Dave Canterbury(Pathfinder)"
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