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Wilderness Survival Handbook: Primitive Skills for Short-Term Survival and Long-Term Comfort
Author: Michael Pewtherer
International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press | 2010 | ISBN: 0071484671

An essential guide to everything you need to stay sheltered, fed, healthy, and safe in the backcountry
Organized around the six essentials of survival (shelter, water, food, fire, comfort and health, and navigation), Wilderness Survival Handbook covers 100 skills and techniques, including preserving fire, building pit shelters, toolmaking, stoneboiling cookery, and trapping and hunting animals with handmade tools and weapons. By mastering these skills, you will be able to survive with few tools or provisions in any wilderness setting--forest, plain, desert, or tundra--in nearly any part of the world.

(Michael Pewtherer is a International Survival & Bushcraft member)

The SAS Survival Handbook

Based on the training techniques of the Special Air Service, the famous elite fighting force, this book shows how to survive outdoors, on land or at sea, in any weather, in any part of the world. From making a pocket survival kit to knowing how to obtain safe drinking water, the SAS's Chief Survival Instructor progresses through a whole range of survival techniques and situations. From obtaining food, building a camp and administering emergency first aid to navigating your way to safety and dealing with natural disasters, the handbook could actually save your life.

About the Author

John 'Lofty' Wiseman served for 26 years with the Special Air Service and was their Chief Survival Instructor. He remains the foremost authority on SAS training techniques for civilians and his TV appearances include Lenny Henry's Big Amazon Adventure.

  • Publisher: HarperCollins; 2nd Revised edition edition (16 Aug 1999)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 0006531407
  • ISBN-13: 978-0006531401
The John "Lofty" Wiseman Survival Book in pocket format.

SAS Urban Survival Handbook

how to protekt yourself from domestic accidents, muggings, burglary and attack.

Author: John "Lofty" Wiseman
Skyhorse Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1-60239-216-8

Survive - Essential Skills and Tactics to Get You Out of Anywhere - Alive


Author: Les Stroud

Paperback: 384 Seiten
Printed by: William Morrow Paperbacks (11. November 2008)
ISBN-10: 0061373516
ISBN-13: 978-0061373510

(Les Stroud is a International Survival & Bushcraft member)

Survival Disaster and Tactical Medicine

von Chris Breen 


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The aim of this work is to provide the lay person with the knowledge and skills to deal with a variety of medical conditions and traumatic injuries. Its laid out with clear instructions and using normal language. Starts with a detailed method of patient assessment for Traumatic injuries, Medical patients and minor injuries. Next a review of body systems with common symptoms for each. Other sections include Questioning techniques, Environmental Problems, Bites and Stings, Dealing with Parasites, Foot Care, Fractures, Dislocations, Soft Tissue Injuries, Burns, Wound Closure (Suture & Glue), Wound Healing, Joints, Allergic reactions. Problems with Respiratory, Abdominal, Neurological, Circulatory, Diabetes, Infectious Diseases, Poisoning, Shock, ENT, Eye, Skin conditions, Minor Medical Problems, Medication, Vaccines, Drug Administration, Clinical Skills, Resuscitation, Airway, Medical Kits, Dentistry, STDs, Child Birth, Long term care, Tactical consideration, gunshot, blast injuries, triage and more is covered.
(Chris Breen is a International Survival & Bushcraft member)

Acorn Preparation Methods

Acorns can be prepared and eaten with a minimum of effort. With the right methods, acorns can be shelled, ground, rinsed of tannins, and cooked more easily than you would imagine. Not only the nut meat but also starch and oil can be extracted. Acorns can be used in soups, cereals, breads, as a binder in pies, and in other surprising and delicious ways. This book is the result of many months of experiments gathering and processing acorns. You will find information here that cannot be found in web sites about acorns. You can see the entire book for free by looking at the book preview, one page at a time. 

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Author: David Plaisted

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(David Plaisted is a International Survival & Bushcraft member)

Title: Surviving the Extremes A Doctor's Journey to the Limits of Human Endurance
Kenneth Kamler, M.D.
St. Martin's Press, January 2004
ISBN: 978-0-312-28077-2, ISBN10: 0-312-28077-7
Detailed descriptions of what happens to the body in extreme enviroments backed up with survival stories. Awesome resource.

Title: Wilderness Survival Handbook: Primitive Skills for Short-Term Survival and Long-Term Comfort
Michael Pewtherer
Sustainable methods for surviving without all the gear and gadgets.
ISBN-10: 0071484671
ISBN-13: 978-0071484671

German Language Books



Title: Survival-Lexikon

A good solid Survival Dictonary (paperback), all themes are alphabetically sorted; written by the German Survival guru Rüdiger Neherg!
Rüdiger Nehberg
Printed by: Piper München Zürich
ISBN: 978-3-492-23055-1
Edition: 9.Auflage März 2008
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Title: Survival-Abenteuer vor der Haustür

Man muß nicht in die Ferne schweifen: Rüdiger Nehberg gibt wertvolle Tips für die, die mehr aus sich und ihrem Alltag herausholen und ihre Fähigkeiten aktivieren wollen.

Author: Rüdiger Nehberg

Printed by: Piper München Zürich
ISBN: 978-3-492-22715-5
Edition: 8.Auflage Februar 2008
Preis: Paid 9.95 Euros for it by Thalia Buecher


Title: Überleben in Natur und Umwelt
Heinz Volz
Printed by: Walhalla Fachverlag
ISBN: 978-3-8029-6436-7
Edition: 13.Auflage 2008
Written in German
A good solid Survival bestseller.
Mit einfachen Mittel Gefahren meisten.
Mit ABC (NBC) - Teil und Ausbildungsplan.


US Army Survival Handbook: Der Survival-Klassiker

Zum Thema Überleben gibt es auf der Welt keine größere Autorität als die Streitkräfte der Vereinigten Staaten.

Dieses Buch enthält das gesamte, auf den aktuellsten Stand gebrachte Material, das für die amerikanischen Truppen herausgegeben wurde.  Es ist damit das umfassendste und fundierteste Werk auf diesem Gebiet.

Author: John Boswell

Published by: Die US -Ausgabe erschienen bei Times Books, New York, unter dem Titel

The U.S. Armed Forces Survival Manual 

Ins Duetsche übersetzt von Hermann Leifeld

Spezialausgabe: 1. Auflage 2006

ISBN 3-613-50522-3

ISBN 978-3-613-50522-3


Das Handbuch Der Tierischen Notnahrung

Ein Survivalhandbuch über die Fertigkeit autark in der Natur überleben zu können.

Author: Johannes Vogel

Printed by: Books on Demand GmbH

ISBN-10: 3-8334-6678-2

ISBN-13: 978-3-8334-6678-6

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Orientierung mit Kompass und GPS

Höhenmeddung, Standortbestimmung, Kreuzpeilung, Kursbestimmung, Missweisung, Koordinatensysteme, Notfälle, GPS-Navigation, Hilfsmittel, Grundlagen, digitale Karten, Kauftipps, Tricks.

Author: Rainer Höh

Published by: REISE KNOW-HOW Verlag, Bielefeld

ISBN 978-3-8317-1050-8

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The newer June 1999 version of this survival manual,

U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 21-76 

Click here to download a PDF file of FM 21-76

The latest updated and revised U.S. Military Survival Manual, renumbered

U.S Army Field Manual 3-05.70 - Survival

Click here to view FM 3-05.70 online or download a PDF file of 3-05.70

Wilderness Survival Guide - US Army Edition

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Woodcraft and Camping - Author: Nessmuk

This is a classical US outdoor book

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Guide to Animal Tracking  - Author: Rick Curtis
A Princeton University Outdoor Action guide to Animal tracking 

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Guide to Nature Observation & Stalking - Author: Rick Curtis
A Princeton University Outdoor Action guide about tracking and stalking

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Canadian Scout Manual - Army Cadet Handbook
The skills and knowledge of Bushcraft are some of the key elements in the Army Cadet training program.
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Western Australia Police Academy Command & Land Operations Unit
                                            Aids to Survival
Safe Outback Travelling
Outback Survival
Direction Finding
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Desert Survival from the State of Arizona
published by Maricopa County Department of Emergency management

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The 10 Bushcraft Books - Author: Richard graves
Book 1. - Ropes & Cords
Book 2. - Huts & Thatching
Book 3. - Campcraft
Book 4. - Food & Water
Book 5. - Firemaking
Book 6. - Knots & Lashings
Book 7. - Tracks & Lures
Book 8. - Snares & Traps
Book 9. - Travel & Gear
Book 10. - Time & Direction

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Online Handbuch:

Survivalhandbuch der Reservistenkameradschaft 19 Bielefeld-Mitte

- druck "Survival" und "Die wichtigsten und interessantesten Aspekte des Überlebens"


Gratis Survival E-book

Tipps zum Leben in der Wildnis

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Handbok Overlevnad - Author: Lars Falt
Swedish Survival manual
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