About International Survival and Bushcraft

Who we are!


Our History

I have been interested and active in the subject of Survival for over 32 years and as a part of my present job, working with young people have recognized the positive aspects which can be gained through the teaching of Survival and Bushcraft.

I have been running Survival and First Aid courses and Primitive Skills Projects for the organization I am employed with, for about five years.  These courses have been run absolute free and without cost or profit and have been aimed at secondary school children and young unemployed adults.


 The aims of the courses have been:

 - Team and individual confidence building,

 - Ecological awareness

 - Physically developing and practicing the skills and knowledge required

    to survive an emergency  

Our Present and Future Aims


Ever more frequently I am asked to run Survival and Bushcraft courses for different target groups and have decided to do this through our newly formed organization  “International Survival and Bushcraft".  

Our Website

This website is aimed to be a free utility site, open to any and everyone who is looking for or wanting to share information or is trying to make contact with survivalists worldwide.  It is designed to act as a online meeting place where people interested in Survival and Bushcraft can exchange information and genuinely help each other to improve their knowledge or solve their problems.

Outdoor and Survival Products may be advertised free of charge on our website but ISAB takes no responsibility for the quality or working of products advertised here on the website or for the quality of information being shared.