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Be prepared and train hard for the "Worst-Case Scenario´s", only then will we master the "Real-Case Scenario´s" without problems. "Train Hard - Survive Easy"
Help each other and learn to work in teams, this is easier than doing things alone and do not forget about the safety in numbers.
Learn to "Think Outside the Box", be able to adapt to situations and be able to do this under stress and learn the art of impovisation.

We on our part at ISBC will try to improve our service over the next months, providing more information and survival advice on the website and hopefully a new "Users Blog" and sorted "Topic Forum". We also aim to build a better global network with other Facebook Groups, Social Networks, Websites, Survival/Bushcraft Schools and Firms World-Wide.

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International Survival and Bushcraft (ISAB) is a Website where information and tipps about all forms of Survival, Bushkraft and Adventure Training (Arctic, Desert, Jungel, Urban, Hostile Enviroment, NBC, First Aid, etc.), Survival and Bushcraft litrature, DVD/training films and information about Survival and Bushkraft courses can be shared.

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Survival firms are welcome to advertise there courses and products here on the site, please just drop us a line!


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The idea of this website is that it should act as a (global) central point of information for members looking for products or courses worldwide, for firms advertising their wares and individuals looking for information and tips.


International Survival and Bushcraft (ISAB) run its own survival courses,

email us for more information.



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